Sildenafil 2.5 Mg


According to one of the researches in some uncommon cases Viagra (Sildenafil's energetic substance) might result in vision impairment, sudden reduction of hearing, stroke, intraocular pressure, heart strike and hypotension.

Unexpected reduction of eyesight is a lot more likely to happen in people older compared to Fifty Percent with health troubles such as hypertension, very high cholesterol and diabetes.

Sildenafil 100mg Prescription


If you have such health care problems as retinitis pigmentosa, physical defect of the penis, coronary artery condition, blood cell disorder, liver condition, renal system condition, hemorrhaging ailment, low blood pressure, heart tempo issues, high blood stress or stomach ulcer, your doctor might reconsider the preliminary dosage and could have to adjust it in order for your procedure to go as prepared and not be had an effect on by any of your health problems.

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Afterwards the erection just disappears as usual.